Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Little Media & A Little Methotrexate

The media machine is about to kick in full force.
We are about a week and a half away from Baldapalooza
and we have lots of coverage blitzing the airwaves
from here on out.
Today, darling Maggie O'Mara from channel 7
interviewed us at St. Luke's about the Hall of Heroes
that will soon grace the halls.
 One of our cute cancer families was part of it.
That's 8 year old Shae who had -- no exaggeration-- about 50
lymph nodes removed from her neck after getting diagnosed
with Stage 3 Melanoma.
The story airs next Tuesday night -- all 22 of our Hall of Heroes kids
will be Seven's Heroes.
 Kean didn't get a nap today and took his yucky Methotrexate
(so of course, now he won't eat)!
 Poor kid couldn't stay awake while I made
the dinner he wouldn't even taste.
We'll give food a try again tomorrow.