Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, August 15, 2015

So Not Dullsville

I don't think we know how to have dull moments around here.
The past few days, we've had the cousins in town from Texas.
So it's been lots of games...
 and giggles crammed into a short amount of time.
 The older girls all got up and went to the temple
early Friday... and did swimming and sliding 
in the afternoon.
Kean has kept us on our toes.
As usual.
He's been on heavy antibiotics for that sore throat
but still won't eat.
And he's got a lovely rash on his face that has kept me worrying.
 Tonight we finally figured out that it looks like he has Thrush in his mouth--
a side effect from the antibiotics.  So now he's on another
new drug to clear up the problem from the old drug.
Can't wait for our home pharmacy to be closed
or at least pared way down!!!
Oh and just to keep things interesting, I got stung by a yellow jacket
on Thursday.  Tonight, Saturday night, the swelling, redness
and heat in my arm is finally settling down.
I guess I can't double for Quasimodo anymore.
As I said, we don't do dull.