Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Listen Up!

Okay, we are in crunch time.
Baldapalooza is this Saturday
(get your tickets now they go up at the gate:
This week has been a whirlwind
trying to keep up with life and do our media blitz.
Last night our local NBC station did
a beautiful story on our Hall of Heroes
(what our first Baldapalooza raised money for).
Trust me, it is worth watching-- you'll totally understand
why we kill ourselves off for this event.
And then this morning, I should say, well before 
the sun came up, I went on our local ABC station
to talk about Balda.
 This time, I got to be on with the Runaway Hamsters.
Triplets and an older sister who had a hit with a song 
they wrote for a classmate fighting cancer.
These cuties will be our very first act after the gates open.
Thankfully, my mom came over to get the girls off to school
and love on Kean.
Somehow, she even got him to eat a little bit.
Good thing, since I failed to get him to eat much the rest of today.
I wish he could understand that this is the last week (we hope)
he will feel this ultra lousy.
18 days left, 18 days.