Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Birthday Cuppy Cakes

I didn't have time to update everyone on Friday.
Greer had her big hearing tests to figure out why
she had some pain in her ear nearly three weeks ago
and then hasn't been able to hear out of that ear.
 I was a bit nervous for this appointment.
If you'll remember, when I took her to the Pediatrician,
the hearing tests in that office showed she couldn't hear a single tone.
But by the time we got into the specialist, Greer told me
she was able to hear out of that ear somewhat.
Well, get this, she passed all of the tests with flying colors-- all of them.
The Doc said it must have been a virus.
Phew-- dodged the bullet big time on that one!
 Friday afternoon, we all headed up to the cabin at Lake Cascade.
We went with some friends, including the Moomey's.
 Mark Moomey, who is like a big brother to the girls
got completely ganged up on by three girls 
armed with buckets of mud.
I safely stayed back at the cabin with Kean.
 But I heard it was quite the epic battle.
 We got home early Sunday afternoon
in time to head over to my parents house
for a family celebration.
Kean turns SIX tomorrow.
And he made it very clear he wanted
"cuppy cakes".
He kind of freaked me out tonight.
We practiced blowing out a candle
but when it came time-- he reached
up before anyone could grab him and
put the candle out with his finger and thumb.
He didn't act like it hurt instead he seemed
quite proud of himself.
Ug, I have my hands full with this one.
 Happy Birthday sweet boy.