Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Doctor Day

Are you sitting down?
Kean will be turning 6 next week.
He still seems like my baby.
Guess all moms say that about their youngest.
Since he's getting so up there in age, he will be starting Kindergarten
in the fall (after his Chemo is over).
And that 6th birthday also means he ages out of his little 
therapy school program.
Today was his last day (sniff, sniff) with Pat, Tricia and Therese--
his Speech, Occupational and Physical therapists.
We LOVE these ladies and even though they push him
and make him work (and make him be nice) he loves them too.
He will still continue with his intensive therapy on Fridays 
(yep, I'm pulling him out of school) so will see at least Therese.
 When we got home today, Kean had a special and early
birthday present waiting for him in the mailbox:  a Joy Jar.
 The jar, filled with all kinds of toys and goodies is from the 
Jessie Reese foundation.  Jessie died of cancer as a teen
and her family started this organization that sends the Joy Jars
out to children throughout their treatment. 
It is hard to determine who gets more excited over them:  the girls
or Kean. 
 Then it was off to the doctor's office-- no not with Kean
but with Greer.
She complained of ear pain about two weeks ago.
It went away after one day but now she can't hear out of her
right ear.
 And that's not an exaggeration.  The in-office hearing test
showed us she couldn't hear a SINGLE beep from the machine.
No wax, no ear infection that the doc could see.
So now, oh joy, we get to go spend more time
at another doctor's office getting more tests.
 Now onto the fun news.
Tonight-- finally, we had Dr. Rich Lee and his family over for dinner.
 Over six years ago, when I was rushed to the hospital
while I was pregnant with Kean-- he was the Perinatologist
(high risk pregnancy doc) who was assigned to my case.
Come to find out, we went to the same University at the same time
and he grew up just down the street from one of my close, close
girlfriends in Pasadena.
Small, small world.
We had so much fun catching up and getting to know his 
cute family.