Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Hot Mess

I am so far behind on my posts thanks to how busy Baldapalooza
is keeping me.
I can't not document that we had our last day with our dearest Maureen--
Kean's Occupational Therapist.
She's been a huge part of our family-- been coming to our home
for years (since Kean was a baby).
 In fact, some of you may remember, Kean called Maureen
"Mama" at least twice before he said it to me.
And I was fine with that.  Maureen is very much like a Mom
to all of us.  Byron even christened her "Mama Gump"
after she had Kean put in leg braces.
And it stuck.  We all love our Mama Gump
and will miss her coming to our home each week.
 I told you Baldapalooza was keeping me running.
Friday morning, oh how lucky, I got to get up before the sun
and be at Scentsy, our venue, at 4 a.m. for 24 live shots
with the local NBC weatherman.
That's Elizabeth Lizberg, the head of Camp Rainbow Gold
(the organization we are raising money for).
 In spite of the vampire hours, we got a lot of paper work
preparation done-- and had fun with this group.
 Then it was run, run, run-- had to get Greer and Reese
registered and then... are you sitting down?
I had to go register Kean
for Kindergarten
at a new school. 
Okay, so it was kinda creepy that I was likely the only
parent in the school without a child by my side.
Even though school starts Monday, Kean won't go until
mid-September (after he finishes Chemo).
I think he will adore his Kindergarten teacher:
Mrs. Hymas.
 And this is Mrs. Baker-- she is over special ed and will
be his one on one aid.
I was also quite relieved to recognize a couple of cute
little Kindergartners.  My cousin's daughter is in the class-- 
as is this munchkin-- she goes to our church and has been
over to the house twice to play with Kean as we prepare him
for school.
My dear friend Pam went with me-
first, to help me get through the day.
Second, so I wouldn't be by myself.
And third, to take pictures of everything.
We are going to make Kean a book with pictures of his class,
teacher, aid, cubby etc. to try and prepare him as much as possible.
Too bad, a little picture book cant help prepare this
mom for her baby to go to school on his own.
I can guarantee I will be a hot mess come September 14th!


Tomg said...

Glad to see that Kean will soon experience school, to expand his horizons. Good luck to him and to Mom & Dad. May the Lord bless you.