Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, August 31, 2015


My friend Fabiana is one talented woman.
She shot the family portrait on this blog
and somehow got all of us to look pleasant all at once!
She photographed 21 of the 22 children for our Hall
of Heroes project
and she was by my side or near by for much of Baldapalooza.
I had to share this beautiful shot she took of Andy Grammer on stage.
 Guess you've heard the big news announced today that he was 
supposed to have announced from our stage on Saturday.
Andy will be one of the celebrity participants on this season's
Dancing With the Stars.
Expect to see a lot of video of Andy on the show from his
trip here.
He had a two camera/four person crew from the show following his every move.
But once again, it was my friend Fabiana who captured what was one of the
sweetest moments for our family from the night.


Cindy Maliwauki said...

Wow...just wow, Fabiana! That backstage shot would look great printed and hung at Scentsy!

And the family group shot...candids are always the most telling. You are an incredible talent!