Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, August 10, 2015

His Birthday Suit

Can it really be six years ago since this little angel in
the snorkel mask changed our lives forever?
He'll never understand how desperately he was wanted
and how many, many, many people prayed for his safe arrival.
 I think he must like to keep us all praying on his behalf.
He didn't feel so great yesterday and wouldn't allow me to brush
his teeth the past few days-- so this morning, when we had a follow
up with his ENT Doc for his ear, I had him check Kean's throat.
It was so red, it was bloody.
So guess who is on antibiotics again!
Byron too.
The two boys in our family both have raging sore throats.
Thankfully, the antibiotics seem to have helped both of them.
I guess it is no surprise then, that we had a pretty low key
birthday for the little guy.
His teacher from church (he hasn't been in three plus years
so has never met Nancy) came by with the cutest book...
and floor puzzle.
The girls each gave him little gifts...
and he got the coolest ever little potty, that has a flush that 
sounds like a car revving it's engine.
Now if we can just get him to sit on it
(and be aware of the need to sit on it)!!
By the way, he did keep taking his diaper off-- but I can't
tell whether he was getting the concept or if he wanted to 
celebrate his birthday in his birthday suit!
Our good friends Pam and Rod Brown brought Rocky Road 
ice cream-- so it was a good excuse to practice blowing out a candle
(and not snuffing it out with his fingers like yesterday).
And yes, he did get what he really wanted
(sore throats or not)... a motorcycle ride
with Pops.
Happy Birthday to our little Miracle Boy.