Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Long Awaited Day

Talk about life being totally surreal.
Kean had his FINAL heavy Chemo at the hospital today.
When he was diagnosed three plus years ago, I couldn't even
fathom this day.
I'm not sure I still do.
(For those of you who thought we already had his last big
sedated Chemo-- my fault.-- I counted months instead of weeks.
Kean had two in June and that left us with the big sedation Chemo
where they put it in his brain and spine).
I guess we had to go out with a bang.
He still has until September 13th to take two different types of Chemo
at home.
But today was the last super, duper, ugly one at the hospital.
It was only fitting that Elly Moomey was our Chemo date.
She was with us on the first day (she came to take pages and pages
of notes when he was first diagnosed-- as Byron and I were in total shock).
 We had about as perfect a day as could be.
Kean's port actually cooperated and gave up blood
without any singing, dancing or extra medicine.
 When we headed up to PICU, we scored with the "A Team"--
our favorite Oncologist, Dr. Meeker, our favorite Intensivist, Dr. Derek
and one of our favorite nurses-- Mary.
I made them take this picture before they did the procedure.
Kean had just gone under-- it looks like we are ignoring him--
but trust me, he's fine.
 All went with with the drugs, Kean got a good snooze...
 and he woke up starving and ready for bacon, bacon, bacon
(since he had to fast).
 The boy was feeling pretty good when we left-
even blowing kisses to the nurses in the Pediatric
Intensive Care Unit.
I tell ya, he's a heart breaker.
What is so crazy is that the next time we go back
it will be to check his blood and counts only.
No Chemo.
I'm not sure we will know what to do with ourselves.
They told us they'll have his little ceremony and celebration
of finishing then.
Who would have ever thought we'd survive to this point.
I know I had my moments.