Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, July 31, 2015

The Guilty Party

If you have followed this blog for any amount of time
you'll know that Reese often gets the short end of the stick.
I have this Mommy guilt-- if Kean is sick, I'll tell her
to go play quietly while I deal with him.
Her birthday's have followed suit.
We've cancelled a birthday party, held
an extremely small one in an extra room in the hospital
and if I'm being honest, for the parties we have had,
they have been as easy as I could make them.
This year, I decided to try and make up for my
short changing her (and the fallout from Kean's cancer).
We sent out invitations for her friends to come to
Barker Spy Training Academy
(they even had to have a secret password to get in).
Once at the party, they got their "dossiers"
and had to make their Spy Identification cards- complete with
fingerprints, height, weight, photos and an undercover name
(Reese's was Mimi Skyline-- her pet's first name/her street name for her last).
 Of course, they had to get sunglasses, fake moustaches
and explosives (Pop Rocks).
 Once they finished their ID badges, they went into the girls' bedroom
to retrieve the presents-- only to find they'd been stolen!!!
Oh, no!
 They had to decipher their first clue-- that basically told them
if they wanted to solve the Birthday Present Heist, they
had to undergo Spy Training.
 Off they went first for "Mind Sharpening" where they had
to remember as many items as possible on a tray.
 Then it was outside for physical training-- 
 which of course, included a few runs down the "escape hatch".
 Next it was "Weapons Training"-- squirt gun
wars with targets on their backs.
 And finally, Bomb Detonation... where they found
clues that led them to a puzzle...
 they had to put together of a map showing
where they could find the stolen presents.
 You'll never guess who the culprits were!!!
Actually, who was harboring the contraband!
Our dear sweet neighbors, the Bodilys- and they 
played it up perfectly.
 Once the girls found their presents stashed
at the Bodily's, they brought them home,
opened them up
 and had the most delicious spy refreshments you've ever seen.
I got smart this year and traded a gallon of blackberries to 
my friend, Lori Renn (the Cupcake Lady).
She made Salted Caramel and Red Velvet.
Yes, you sure should be salivating.
 Then it was back to the ol' escape hatch
until parents came.
Reese was thrilled.
I'm exhausted -- probably from working off all that guilt.
But it was worth it.