Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, August 24, 2015

Fake Snores

I know today is National Post Your Kids Back to School Picture Day.
Guess I'll jump on the bandwagon.
 I really don't know where this one gets her energy.
She started high school today-
her first class?  6:15 a.m.
And she's attending that specialized medical high school.
We will see how long she can keep up this care free look, eh?
Reese is in 4th this year (she's such a cutie pie.  Only in the 
3rd percentile for height for her age.  We sure ran out of gas 
with this one).  We constantly tell her "small but mighty".
And Greer is our tall willowy child-- starting 7th grade.
After we got the girls on the bus, we revived our tradition of taking
the newspaper into our neighbors, Grandpa and Grandma Bodily.
Kean was a hoot.
He carried the paper in, dropped in on the table, headed to 
the kitchen, helped himself to some yogurt in the fridge,
asked Grandma for some toast and orange juice
and then settled in to eat.
While I cleaned up his dishes, he and Grandpa Bodily headed
upstairs to check on the stock market.
Only Kean took a slight detour
and headed for their bedroom!!!
 He tucked himself in, started snoring and then grabbed their
bedside phone and pretended to call his grandma.
I tell you he was on one!
 We also had a belated birthday celebration. The Bodily's
kept to tradition and gave him two packages of bacon.
Perfect timing.  He has HEAVY Chemo tomorrow
and starts up again on Steroids.
 His adventures didn't stop there.
Andrea (his Physical Therapist) officially ended last week
but came by today with her toddler to go with us on a little spin.
For the first time, Kean was able to really pedal his little
therapy bike by himself.
Of course, it didn't last too long-- he was more
focused on keeping an eye on Julia.
Finally, ahem, may I have your attention please?
Kean's final hospital Chemotherapy
(the yucky one where they put it in his brain and spine)
is scheduled for tomorrow.  Once we get over that hurdle,
we just have Chemo every night at home until September 13th.
The light at the end of the tunnel is almost in reach!!!