Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, July 25, 2015


We had one of those rock and roll weeks.
On Wednesday night, some friends of ours came up from Buhl, Idaho.
The Benson's youngest daughter -- just like Kean has that
double whammy:  Down's and cancer.
We got all the kids pizza while the adults went out
for a much deserved night out.
 The next morning, we joined the Benson's and two other cancer families
for a day up in the mountains for white water rafting.
 We had the absolute best time--- we are friends with
all these families and love being together.
 There is this organization, River Discovery that takes
cancer families out on the water for the entire day.
It is pretty close to heaven-- relaxing at times-- thrilling at others.
With beautiful scenery all along the way.
Reese didn't even make it ten minutes on the bus back to our cars.
I just wish I could have pulled that off.
 As if we didn't have enough excitement, we pulled off
on the way home and spent a half hour at our favorite
river side beach.
I don't know where the kids get their energy
rafting all day, rock diving on the way home.
 We got home in time for my cousins to pull in from out of state
for a quick over night stay.
I'm bummed I didn't get any pictures
because we love, love, love these cousins.
They left Friday morning.
Friday night, Byron and I sneaked out for a quick date night.
 We headed up to The Village complex
where we listened to live music and
checked in on our Baldapalooza booth.
We are just over one month away.
It is going to be epic (to quote Greer).
 Oh, and in between all that, we've picked over thirty gallons of
Our little Kean wouldn't eat a thing for dinner tonight
(other than 8 grapes)
but I did get him to down a Blackberry milkshake
filled with three tablespoons of cornstarch.
The ones we had -- had to taste much better than his.
But he still downed it.
This boy.  Can't wait for him to be off all these drugs
that sure mess with him.


Valdree Hannan said...

I have just read your back story. Prayers are with you all, your children are beautiful, you are very blessed.