Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, July 5, 2015


Boy have we had a busy few days-- fun but busy.
Byron's best friend, Mitch and his family are still here.
Several nights all the kids have slept out on the trampoline
(oh, does that bring back the memories)!
 Our big plans to go to Roaring Springs Water Park the other night
were foiled when we got there and found every other family in Idaho
decided to do the same thing.  The line to just get in was at least an hour.
So we punted and headed up the canyon to play on the Payette River.
 First Holland, then Greer jumped off the rocks
into the cold water.
 All the kids were braver than this mom-- getting into the water
and playing in the sand.
 I think the highlight for everyone was covering up
Byron's legs with sand.
 I guess it was so much fun, several of the kids needed
to be sand mermaids. We all decided it 
was much, much better than the water park.
 Poor Kean had to stay home with Grammy.
I guess he was quite bi-polar:  happy one moment, 
miserable the next.
And no surprise here, he's been the same way this weekend.
Between the Steroids and the Chemo he was
quite uncomfortable. 
 Thankfully, he turned a corner today.  I think it helped
immensely that all that Miralax I've been giving him finally
kicked in-- and kicked in BIG TIME.
Let's just say he hasn't had a stinky diaper since last Monday
and now that he's had four in an hour-- he HAS to be feeling better!
Oh the joys of cancer.
September can't come soon enough.