Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, July 19, 2015

"Happy Birthday Cake"

We celebrated Reese's ninth birthday this weekend.
Still trying to figure out how that little munchkin can be
growing up so fast.
She had quite the sweet start to her day-
Reese has been dying to take gymnastic lessons.
A friend of a friend has offered to come over to the house
and teach Reese (along with her own two daughters)
lessons on Saturday mornings.
 Her name is Summer Nielsen and she couldn't be kinder--
or better at teaching.
We were all amazed to see how much Reese improved
in just an hour.
She loved every second but pretty much wore herself out.
 Then it was birthday party time.
Byron's cousin and his wife were in town for dinner
so that was a treat.
Silly me forgot to take any pictures of them or dinner--
just Reese with some of her presents.
 I'm not sure what she enjoyed more--
presents or phone calls from our family or...
  Kean telling her "Happy Birthday Cake"
when she went to blow out her candles.
We sure adore this little girl
and all the joy she brings to our family.
Happy 9th year, little one.