Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Reunion Time

Today was blast from the past today.
Yesterday, a group of us went down to our local NBC station
for a segment on Baldapalooza.  The morning anchor there
just so happens to be married to a gal I worked with at my 
first TV station in Las Vegas.
Today, Tonia Ellis Petcash dropped by the house for a visit
and a get-caught-up-conversation.
Small, small world, eh?
 But wait, there's more.
About this time last year, you may remember we got a request
to go and meet a group of local bikers who were heading up to
Sun Valley.
Every year, about 500 to 600 bikers gather there to escort
the bus load of children with cancer to Camp Rainbow Gold.
Nate Peters asked to meet Kean before they made the trip
to get a little inspiration.
We instantly fell in great like with Nate Peters and have kept
in touch (in fact, he's over the stage logistics for Baldapalooza).
This afternoon, he drove out to the house on his Harley
to give the boy a little spin.
 How lucky are we to be surrounded by so many great friends!
Kean should sleep well tonight...dreaming of things that go vroom.