Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


It is party central at our house.
Byron's best friend, Mitch Cluff and his family have come to
visit us from Arizona.
We kept with tradition and played 
Barker Bingo
(complete with prizes from  the dollar store).
 The Cluff's brought each of us girls a beautiful silver
cancer bracelet.
And for boy wonder?  Kean got this most appropriate 
Superman shirt.
 Our little Superman didn't feel so super starting this afternoon.
(Dang Chemo).
Of course, Byron had the perfect antidote:  a motorcycle ride
(actually two of them).
 Mitch got the other cycle out for the other kids.
It is an amazing thing to watch-- Kean going from being whiny,
grouchy and miserable to totally content after his ride.
Here's hoping he sleeps well tonight!