Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

You Decide

This little monkey.
I can't decide if he should be considered an angel or a devil.
 Last night a friend came by to pick up some blackberries.
Kean was across the room while she told me about her
mother being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer
and then falling and breaking her arm in the middle of
her Chemo treatment.
Out of the blue, Kean gets up, comes across the room and
into the kitchen where we were, goes to her, reaches up and
gives her the sweetest hug.
It is as if he has-- not a Spidey Sense but an Angel Sense.
 As if to make up for that sweet moment and
give us a little counter balance, he woke up 
at 3:30 this morning-- ready for the day.
There was no way he was going back to sleep
(or letting Byron and I get some zzzzz's).
You'll have to call it.
I'm too tired.