Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Stay of Execution

Boy am I ever tired.
My day started before the sun.
We had one of our celebrities from Baldapalooza in town and
appearing as a guest on our local NBC station.
Stuart Edge is known for his pranks, magic tricks and video stunts.
He has - get this, over two hundred million hits on his videos!!!
 He did a great job and we had a lovely breakfast afterwards
where he completely stumped us with his magic tricks. 
I'm still scratching my head.
See if you can figure it out.
After breakfast and after Stuart looked at my ring and then it 
somehow ended up on his key chain in his pocket (what????)
I rushed home to get Kean
and head to his first doctor's appointment.
We went to see his ENT-- Kean is on his 3rd or 4th set of ear tubes.
This latest set has fallen out but one of them is stuck in his left ear somewhere.
We've been hoping it would work its way out and avoid surgery.
Today was the big decision day.
However, he now has a "granuloma" blocking his ear so the doc
couldn't see if the tube is still there.
So he is again on anti-biotics and we go back in a month.
Here Kean is with his favorite nurse from that office, Carlene.
Then we headed over to "our" hospital for blood work, 
a doctor's appointment and a check on his counts.
He sure gets spoiled when they take (in today's case, try and take -- we had problems)
his blood.
Let's just say there's lots of singing, dancing and bubbles
in the Vampire blood room.
Kean's counts are good-- where they should be for a kiddo
on Chemo.  We were a bit worried-- his docs had upped his
Chemo levels and his counts were too high last time.
My dear friend, Julie Kingsbury came with us today and sure
helped us get through this crazy, long day.
I had to share this cute, cute picture of our little guy
that Julie took.
While we waited for the hospital pharmacy to get his meds
ready, we took Kean up to his old 4th floor stomping grounds
to see some of his favorite nurses-- Joe and Kate!
Long day but a good day-- we are getting closer to being done!