Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Lonely Heart

Kean has had non-stop attention for the past week.
I can tell he adores our company's two boys:  Ethan
and Drake.
(And I'm pretty sure they adore him).
They asked to "do" his hair last night.
And shockingly, Kean let them.
 This picture is dang cute but oh, does it make him
look so grown up.
 While the boys were doing their thing, Reese and Maya
got into the makeover scene.
 These kids have had so much fun the past week
it is sad to see it come to an end.
Today, Maya and her mother Elizabeth flew
back to Arizona.
 Byron and the girls and his friend, Mitch and his boys
all headed up to the mountains to Lake Cascade for a few days.
I'm told they played so hard, all the kids could hardly stay awake
for dinner tonight.
Poor Kean is left wondering why the house is so quiet and
what happened to all of his new friends.
He's been asking for them all evening.