Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


So Kean woke up feeling rather lousy after his big Chemo day yesterday.
But... he sure turned a corner once we got him outside.
I tell you, that boy loves the great outdoors.
We finally (don't get me started) got his new therapy
tricycle put together (thanks Trent for the help).
And off we went today.
We rode down to our neighbor, Grandpa Bodily's driveway.
Which sure brought back the ol' memories of the countless
hours we spent doing "lawn mower" therapy -- trying to
get that little boy to walk.
This time, Grandpa Bodily is on a cane and I figure
this tricycle therapy is as good for him as it is for Kean.
 Right now Kean's ankles and legs aren't quite strong enough
to pedal the trike by himself but I'm told his legs going round and round
as we push the contraption is still good for building up muscles.
Bet you can guess what we'll be doing every day from here on out.