Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, July 27, 2015

Robert Redford

So get this.
Kean had his best day ever at his little therapy school today.
His therapists were almost giddy as they told me how he dazzled
AND how he was nice to the other two kids (even sharing).
Perhaps we will survive Kindergarten.
Here's the funny part, two of his therapists decided he looked like Robert Redford
with his tousled blonde hair (and his dapper outfit).
We all thought that was quite funny until his Occupational Therapist
told us she had never heard of Robert Redford.
What the?
To try and drown our sorrows of feeling so old after that comment,
we went over to the Moomey's for one incredibly delicious dinner.
Holland and Greer left for church Girls' Camp this morning-- so dinner was
a bit quieter than usual.
After dinner and dessert, Elly took Kean outside to
play ball with Pete, the dog.
 That is one crazy dog-- and one crazy boy who loves
to watch the crazy dog.
 Kean kind of has this obsession with Pete.
Poor Pete, I'm sure he is quite relieved when that kid who 
chases him all over the house and yard finally leaves.
I think they'll both sleep soundly tonight!
p.s.  tomorrow is heavy Chemo at the hospital.
Can you believe this is our second to last big Chemo?
Pinch me, pinch me, pinch me.