Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


That's what today was.
Today marked our last Chemo in the clinic day.
We still have one big hospital sedation Chemo to go next month
and then home Chemo until September 13th--
but today was the final through his port.
I can barely get my head around it.
I all too clearly remember the day he was inducted and they told
us it would be a 3 year 2 month Chemotherapy protocol.
I couldn't even imagine surviving that long, let alone getting to the end.
Yet, here we are.
And surprisingly, we somehow made it to quite near the finish line.
 And as if today wasn't special enough, everything at the hospital clinic
went about as perfect as we could ask for.
Kean's port gave us only a few minutes of trouble (we almost always
have problems getting his blood to flow).
Since we were just in less than two weeks ago, there wasn't a long
list of things to talk over with the doctor-- so that was quick
not easy, but quick.
I thought you'd enjoy getting a glimpse of what it is like for the
Doc to try and check him.
 Yep, I death grip his hands, the doc checks him, while
the nurse holds his kickers, I mean, his legs.
Trust me, he is way stronger than you can imagine.
 My friend Sally Giles works double time to keep 
him entertained while the doctor goes over stuff with me.
It is a huge team effort!
 We didn't even have to wait long for the pharmacy to "cook' his Chemo.
I tell ya, it was a banner day.
We finished up and got home about 1 1/2  to 2 hours earlier
than normal.
 But we couldn't leave before getting to play with
the hospital therapy dog, Lucy Mae.
Another biggie down.
Now to just get through this next week of the side effects and
those lovely Steroids.
Can you imagine what his life will be like when he feels good everyday?