Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Never A Dull Moment

I don't know what it is about us but we never have a dull day
when it comes to Chemo at the hospital.
Just after vitals and before the vampire blood draw
we all smelled something burning and sure enough, the alarms went off
and out we had to go.
The entire adult and children's cancer (MSTI) departments
were evacuated along with the rest of the building.
Lucky for us, in the courtyard, they had these visiting little miniature ponies.
 Kean thought they were "all that" until they wouldn't let him ride one.
Then he was done.
 Other than that, there wasn't too much drama.
We finally got blood after a little dancing around.
His counts were crazy high-- maybe because he has a very runny
nose and his body is trying to fight off some bug.  But this time
around, his counts were high enough, the Docs upped his dosage
of Chemo at home.
We'll have to go back in two weeks to check his counts and
see if he can handle it.
We also met with the hospital Dietitian to talk through why
Kean is not eating well.  She figures with all the corn starch and
chocolate milk I'm getting down him and the small amount of food,
he is getting enough calories.  In fact, at weigh in he actually gained
a few ounces instead of going down.  Shocked me with as much of a battle
it has been to get Kean to eat.
Our Chemo date today was my dear friend Andrea Blodgett.
 I met her about a dozen years ago and her children are
almost the exact same age as mine.  In fact, she was pregnant
with her youngest son while I was pregnant with Kean.
We even had the same due date.
Of course, Kean didn't "follow directions" and stick to that date.
We sure have been blessed with good friends and great Chemo dates!