Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Oohs and Ahhs

Here's hoping everyone had a fabulous fourth.
We had one of our most favorite ever.
Of course, not many can top five years ago
when I was confined to a hospital bed waiting for Kean to grace
us with his presence.
I found this old blog entry from when we broke out of jail and
sneaked outside to celebrate the fourth after logging 37 of my 75 days
incubating the boy..
It reminds me to never take for granted sitting outside and watching

SUNDAY, JULY 5, 2009

My Great Escape (Day 37)

I did make it out of my room to see fireworks last night. I know, naughty, naughty-- since it was against the fill-in doctor's orders. Byron pushed me in a wheelchair. There were three of us pregnant moms. We went up on the top floor (4th) of the parking garage with a nurse as our escort. I'll admit, I enjoyed being outside in the fresh air more than the perfect view of the fireworks. I haven't been outside since the end of May!!! And it was beautiful last night-- full moon, perfect weather etc. All went well, in fact, when I came back, my blood pressure was the best its been since I've been in here (I have extremely low blood pressure). Must have been the overdose of excitement. I know, I know, it doesn't take much to get me excited these days.

 Here we are five years later... with our happy boy.
He went to bed early and had kind of a rough night 
 but one of these fourths, he'll be out there oohing
and ahhing with the rest of us.