Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, July 3, 2014


We had Physical Therapy for Kean
and thought today would be the day to really push
him in his new gait trainer.
Unfortunately, he wasn't excited at all-- so we tried to 
entice him to do some walking by going down to our neighbor,
Grandpa Bodily's.
That didn't do much... but what did the trick is when Grandpa
offered to get his lawn mower out.
We used that as a really big carrot-- and boy, oh boy, did it work wonders!!!!
Grandpa Bodily would give Kean a few laps, then we'd literally
peel him off, force him to walk to the mower.
Wow, did he get a work out.
Here's the best part--Grandpa Bodily left his playing the 
stock market to come do Physical Therapy with Kean.
When we were done and he went back up-- he'd made nearly 200 dollars.
Not bad for a reward for doing a good deed, eh?