Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Back on the Bike

Ahhh, life is back to our normal hum...
Reese is healthy- bouncing around.
She opened birthday presents last night
and was pretty thrilled with her bow and arrows.
Get this, she won the top medal at Camp Rainbow Gold
in archery for her age group.
Who knew?!?!
(Holland did too).
 She also felt good enough to tear into her maple bacon donut.
 And back to normal for Kean means... yep, cycle ride time.
I made the mistake of telling him Motorcycle Jeff was coming.
And as you can see, he couldn't get here soon enough.
 Life is good.
And as it should be....
we are all back home.
The girls are healthy.
And Kean is back on the bike.