Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, July 14, 2014

Watch Out World!

I am running so late tonight... we've just gotten home
from my brother's house.
My nephew Derek opened his mission call tonight.
He found out when and where he will be serving for our church
for the next two years.
Drum roll please.....
On the day before Thanksgiving, he will report 
to the Mexico City Missionary Training Center to learn Spanish.
He then will be serving in the Cleveland, Ohio Spanish Speaking Mission.
So exciting!
 And if you read my blog last night, you'll understand why my
dear friend Lisa sent me a picture of this rock she keeps 
in her guest room.
I love what it says.
And I love how it is fitting for everyone everywhere...
my nephew Derek ought to commit this to memory.
I'm certain the next two years will be a time of much, much growth.