Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Riding the Bull

Do you ever get so tired ... you'd allow yourself to sit and drool
in the corner of a room if it wasn't so doggone inappropriate?
That's me tonight.
But with good reason.
The girls and I headed up into the mountains this morning for
a day long white water rafting adventure.
(Byron is out of town for work-- dang).
 We met up with a group of other cancer families, loaded up on a bus
and headed further up the Payette River.
 All I can say is we had an absolute blast...
the girls took turns "riding the bull"-- sitting on the front part of the boat
for the biggest rapids.
Even Reesey rode the bull-- the picture below is of Greer
being tossed back into the boat during one of the Class III
rapids.  Those are her little bird feet sticking up into the air.
 In all, there were 7 boats in our group-- and of course,
we had the very, very best guide on our raft-- Ryan.
It was a picture perfect day... we felt quite spoiled
with the river guides fixing us a gourmet lunch and 
keeping us entertained with the stories of their nomadic lives.
We had water fights with the other rafts and jumped into the river
periodically to cool off.
But most of all, it was so fun just to get away--
away from the phones, the computer, the therapy
and the cancer.  Someday, hopefully, Kean will
get to come and enjoy some of these sweet gestures
provided for our family all because of him.