Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Here She Is: Miss___________________.

Nothing like a seven hour round trip (thanks to construction)
to Sun Valley and back today.
In case you missed it, we got a call just as we were heading to bed last night
saying Reese was vying for title of Vomit Queen.
Her fever of 103 was perhaps, the talent competition?
Anyway, I talked Byron out of driving all night
and instead, I got up before six and got on the road
to go get my girl.
Reese was in the med shack-- surrounded by nurses.
Come to find out she was one of seven at the camp
(including the head of Camp Rainbow Gold, one nurse,
one counselor and a few kids) to get sent home sick.
Jason Hosick-- one of our favorite guys in the world
made Reesey a farewell necklace.
 Once I got sicky in the car... she slept all the way home
and even after she got home.
But there was one very sweet moment I have to share.
As we pulled out of camp, they told me to roll down the windows
and make sure Reese was sitting up.
Poor Reese, it is her birthday tomorrow.
(She is feeling somewhat better though tonight).
Get this, in the half hour I was at camp-- talking to Reese,
waiting for her gear to get loaded etc., I saw neither hide
nor hair of Holland or Greer.
They were off having a grand time.
Our friend, Jaimie sent this picture to me this afternoon
of Holland paddle boating?  Paddle surfing?  Not sure 
what it is called.
But I do know she's gotta be loving life.
The healthy (I hope) Barkette's get home from camp tomorrow
in the late afternoon.
I've missed 'em.