Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Carrot on the Motorized Stick

All I can say is Kean is a super star.
Andrea his Physical Therapist came today
and once again we used the ol' carrot on a stick approach.
We made Kean walk in his gate trainer to dear Grandpa Bodily
on his tractor for a reward.
Get this, he walked up and down the long driveway FOUR times.
By the end of his session, the poor boy was quite pooped.
But check out that smile!
We are all still basking in the glow of our trip to Telluride.
There were marvelous hikes...
 gondola rides from one valley to the other....
  and magnificent views.
 The girls and Byron explored downtown.
 We all watched fireworks from a hill overlooking the valley.
 All the kids fished-- without much luck.
 My dear husband spent much of the day working as a "line medic".
 And we explored and explored.
We found gorgeous waterfalls...
interesting slot canyons and crevices... 
 and places for "Gimpy" and Kean to camp out while the rest of us hiked.
Of course that was all just one iota of what we saw and did.
It was a pretty cool trip-- literally.
The weather was lovely-- in the 70's each day.
We came back to a slap in the face with temps over a hundred here.
Speaking of slaps in the face-- just got off the phone with the nurse
at Camp Rainbow Gold.
Reese is sick.
The throwing up kind of sick.  Ick.
She's sleeping in the nurses shack tonight.
She's the 5th to get the gunk and get sent home.
I'm off to bed to get up at dark thirty to make the long drive to pick our girl
up and bring her home.
I'm guessing this is one camping experience she won't soon forget.