Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Home Sweet Home

We just got home tonight from our big summer vacation.
I couldn't broadcast where we were going or where we were
since I didn't want the whole world to know our house was sitting empty!
But we are home from a 9 day trip to Telluride, Colorado
and wowza, what a fun trip it was!
 Telluride is breathtaking.

My parents figured we were overdue for a family reunion
so they rented a house about halfway between our homes in Idaho
and my younger brother's house in Texas.
 And boy, oh boy, did we ever score on the house.
My mom rented one we'd all fit in-- but about a month before
the trip and after she had already paid, the rental agency called
to say the owners of the house were pulling the contract and putting
the home on the market.
For our trouble, the agency would upgrade us to a much nicer home--
and man, did they.
 The house was incredible--- with everything you can imagine to keep
all 20 of us entertained and more than comfortable.
 Of course, the hot tub was a favorite
and we adults even got some time-- without the kids.
 The views were amazing... especially the herd of deer
that greeted us most mornings just off our porch.
 We had a grand time in a gorgeous part of the country.
I'll post a few more pictures in the next few days of our adventures.
But now it is off to bed.
The girls leave for Camp Rainbow Gold
(cancer siblings camp) early in the morning.
Talk about a crazy turnaround!