Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chemo With a Side of Attention Please

Yuck, Ug and Blehhh.
Today was hospital Chemo day for Keanut.
Actually, it's really not too bad it's just what happens at home 
when the Chemo hits him later that I hate so very much.
Many of you have asked if he cries when he goes for Chemo.
Surprisingly, no.
He cries at home when I numb up his port-- I think he knows what's to come
and he truly hates, hates, hates being held down.
But once we get to St. Luke's, he usually quite happy.
Who wouldn't be - when he's treated like a rock star
and surrounded by doting women.
(Byron tell him daily that he's a lady's man-- and this sure proves it!)
Our friend from church, Sheila Hansen was today's Chemo date
and let me tell you, she was delightful.
I don't think I'd make it through these days without our dates.
Today Sheila kept me company, helped entertain Kean,
helped hold his legs down so he couldn't keep kicking the doctor
while she examined him, watched Frozen with him while
I ran over to the pharmacy to pick up this week's meds
and sang songs to him in the car and during Chemo.
We are very blessed to be surrounded by so many good friends.
p.s. the boy was MISERABLE tonight-- but sweet Holland
deserves huge kudos for taking him on a four wheeler ride 
so he would stop crying.
That girl is an angel (most of the time).