Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Ronquillos

Every day can't be a motorcycle day.
And some days have to be "housekeeping days"... 
like getting a dreaded haircut.
Kean hates, hates, hates getting his hair cut.
However, Byron gets his hair 'done" by one of the sweetest women in the world-
Sara Ronquillo.
It took several of us working together
to keep Kean entertained and from freaking out
(just out of the picture is Sara's other daughter Lavinina and Byron).
 If this all feels familiar- it should.
When Kean was so sick in the hospital nearly two years ago
(and his hair was matted into little dread locks in the back and thinning in the front),
Sara and her daughter Sabrina came to the hospital
to cut his hair.
 It wasn't any easier then.
Sara has the patience of Job and the swiftness of an Olympian.
 We especially love, love this family.
Sara's two daughters both work for St. Luke's
and so do her two sons-- including Joe-- hands down,
one of Kean's favorite nurses!
Both Byron and Kean got their hair cut and both look
much, much better.
But only Kean got hugs and snuggles from Sara.