Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Biker Gang Induction

Kean had his nirvana morning of all mornings--
He hooked up with a group of Boise bikers
for a little lovin' and a little ridin'.
This group was actually on its way to Sun Valley to join
about 600 other bikers from the surrounding states
to escort a busload of cancer kids up to Camp Rainbow Gold.
 The background:  every year hundreds of bikers converge at a park
in Bellevue, Idaho and wait for the bus of children fighting cancer
to make their way from Boise to Sun Valley.
The bikers then escort the bus through Bellevue, Hailey and Ketchum
all the way up to Camp.
I guess it is quite the site to behold.
(A friend sent me this).
The organizers had heard what a fanatic Kean is for cycle rides
and invited our family up to the event-- but we couldn't pull
if off-- between the long car ride and Kean's counts being too low
(no immune system).
Instead, he was invited to meet a small group of bikers
heading up to the big group.
The guys sure spoiled him
He got a teddy bear, a small replica motorcycle, a do rag (modeled by Reesey)
and the greatest shirt on the face of the earth!
The pics don't do it justice but it is a shirt screened with his own
leather Harley biker vest-- complete with a tuft of chest hair
at the collar and built in tattoos on the arms.
 The back of it says:  "Live Free, Ride Free".
And Nate, sitting right there on his bike is the guy who
tracked it down in a size 4T!
 We were each charmed by these wonderful bikers...
 they were darling with the Keanut Man....
and so cute with each of the girls.
Of course, the guys did take Kean for a ride
and let me put it this way-- the boy did NOT want to get off!
Just look at that smile.
I swear, if we would have let him, he would have hitched a ride
all the way to Sun Valley.
Maybe next year will be his year!


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