Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, June 17, 2013

How 'bout a Shirley Temple

There's nothing like being home and getting back into the old routines.
Kean has speech this morning
and surprised his therapist Claire by saying "motorcycle"  at least three times.
 While Kean got back to work, Holland and Greer (who are in Vegas with my parents)
got back to playing-- at warp speed.
My dad had a doctor's appointment, so my childhood best friend, April,
took the girls to Wet n' Wild (no, it's not a strip bar-- it's a water park)!
 As if that wasn't enough, April and her hubby, Chris
took the girls out for a fancy dinner at one of the restaurants
in the Paris Hotel.
 Forget the girls, I want Chris and April to be my parents!
Holland and Greer come home tomorrow.
I'm certain they will be tired but bubbling over with details of their adventures.
If you are wondering what Byron and I will do to "compete"
with the excitement they've had... hmmm, we were thinking a
night of weed pulling might bring them back to planet earth.