Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ride 'Em Cowboy

We had round two of Kean and his horse therapy today.
This one was much better-- even though the picture doesn't look like it.
He rode the horse for a few minutes before letting me know he was done.
We then put Reesey on to hold him, nice and snug-- and he was actually loving it.
He even was bobbing his body up and down trying to get the horse to giddyup.
All in all, I was excited that he was on the horse as long as he was
(probably 15 minutes vs. 4 minutes last week).
I think part of it is they have found the perfect horse for us:  Reba.
I hear when she's with teens or adults, she's quite spirited
but with us, she was the sweetest, snuggliest horse.
In fact, when she was just two (she's five now), she was at the fairgrounds
surrounded by a group of adoring kids.  A short distance away, was
a girl in a large wheelchair-- afraid to come over.
According to her trainer, Reba gently pushed her way
through the children, went over to the girl in the wheelchair and
put her nuzzle on the girl's lap.
I think Reba and Keanut (and Reese) are destined to be good friends.
She seems like the perfect partner.