Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, June 10, 2013

Houston, We Have Liftoff

Drum roll please....
Kean's counts were a robust 1000 at his check up today.
They said we can thank the Steroids for kicking them up
and the fact he got a one week break from Chemo.
The good news (well, more good news) is that he did not
have to have Chemo through his port today (just orally at home).
The bad news is because of that, we were not the first to get to try out
the newly remodeled Chemo suite.
 However, he was the first to get anything done in there...
even if it was just the removal of his needle access.
We go back in two weeks to check on his counts
but other than that, we've been given the green light to go to our family reunion--
yippee-- a get out of jail (for now) free card!!!
 I know you will find this shocking... but none of the girls wanted to go to Chemo with us today.
Thankfully, my friend Tammy Christensen was willing to be our date.
The girls, ended up going over to Mari Tanner's house
for fun on their little lake.
 When they wore themselves out completely, they went inside
and did a little craft project-- they sewed up the cutest little handbags.
 Good day for them.
Good day for us.


Tomg said...

Hey Lonnie: Glad that things are going better for y'all now. Aloooooooo-ha...!
Tom Griffiths