Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

50 Is Nifty

Holy Cow!  Byron has hit the half century mark.
I'd like to believe we are both in denial-- but hard to do that when Ron and Elly
Moomey put this on the street in front of our home first thing.
Our cousin just called to ask if Byron has been sufficiently humiliated
and I'd have to say yes.
Mark and Calene Borup came over bearing many, many gifts-- from
a big bag of Depends, to arthritis pills, laxatives to Fixodent.         
 Just look at them... looking all innocent.
My dad and the Bodily's also came over to give Mister Barker a hard time.
 We especially loved how the Bodily's wrapped their present
in the Obituary section of the paper.
Gotta remember that little trick.
 The Klinglers (Byron's cousins in Arizona-- but more like siblings)
sent him all kinds of goodies... including this Dr. Seuss book and a package of
rubber ducks -just like Kean gets each time he has blood draws at the hospital-
but these ones are on walkers and have grey hair and spectacles.
Instead of traditional cake, we opted for a tropical approach-- well maybe.
A blackberry and sour cream pie and fish tacos for dinner.
 The girls and I tried to create a little island feel... because
the big present is - we are planning to go to Fiji in the fall.
The Klinglers (Byron's cousins and our adopted parents) are serving as the president
of the Fiji Mission for our church.
One of my cousins, Spencer, has offered us free plane tickets
so we are CRAZY not to go.
We just have to work it around girls being back in school and
Kean's treatment.
By the way, during therapy today, Kean opened up a small photo album
and looked at a picture of us and said Dadda, Momma
and then Poppa when he saw his Grandpa.
This was a HUGE moment.
All of that was unprompted.
I say, what a great birthday present.