Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bloody Blood

Today was supposed to be one of those easy days---
just skip on down to the hospital, get Kean's blood drawn, meet with the doc---
bing, bang, outta there.
I even coaxed the girls into coming with us (promising we wouldn't be there all day).
They brought a slew of new Beanie Babies that our neighbor Johanna gave then
to give out to the Cancer kids (and oh, did they have fun doing that).
 I guess I have to keep re-learning my lesson to not get overly confident.
The nurse went to access his port to draw his blood samples
and guess what?!?!?  His port wouldn't work.
We tried everything and I mean everything to get blood out of that poor boy.
Take a look at just a snap shot of one of many songs and dances we tried!
Finally, everyone realized it wasn't going to happen.
And while we waited for the doctor to order TPA (I think it is an anti-clotting drug),
and while we waited for the pharmacy to get it filled, and then while we waited for the
nurse to give it to our boy and then while we waited for 45 minutes for it to do it's thing...
I tried to stay calm.
As one of the Nurse Practitioners told me-- "oh don't worry until you have a reason to worry...
worst case scenario, he'd just have to get a new port."
Uh... that means a big surgery.
Anyway... I'm thrilled and relieved to report the TPA did the trick.
Just look at the red stuff flowing.
 Talk about relief.  The other good news... his counts are ok.
Not bad, not great.  He's at 800.  But we'll gladly take that.
We also said goodbye to one of our favorites there--
the receptionist who books all of our appointments and is one of the kindest, sweetest
women... Dana is moving. Sniff, sniff.
 We've talked to Greer a few times.
She is having a ball in Texas.
That is her swinging out across the pond.
 And here she is with my darling nieces and nephews.
She tells me the water was really cold.
I hope when it comes to time to come home, she actually wants to come back to us.
She's loving it down there.