Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, June 16, 2013

We're Baaaaccccckkkkk!

Well, at least some of us.  Holland and Greer went with my parents to Las Vegas for a few days.
The rest of us drove home today from Southern Utah (St. George-- where it was quite toasty).
We had a grand time at the family reunion... swimming, playing games, eating way too much
and catching up.
Here are my parents (on the right) with my dad's brother and his wife--
I LOVE these relatives!
 We stayed at my cousin Scott's house.  He and his wife Sandee
have three little girls-- so you can imagine our girls and their girls
did some serious playing.
Kean even finagled a golf cart ride out of Scott.
 Sandee's mom watched Kean one day and my long time friend, Diane
and her son, Leo watched Kean all day yesterday while we were at the reunion.
 We spent one of the days at an old childhood haunt, Veyo--
a hot springs (that was actually cool and refreshing).
It is a beautiful spot.  Right next to a river where Reese spent several
hours catching craw dads.
 Here's Byron mugging with my dad.
You'd never know my dad is 80 and Byron... are you ready for this...
turns 5-0 on Wednesday.
 We love our Leavitt family reunions... because they are not over planned
and over scheduled-- they are to quote Goldilocks-- just right.
That's one of my favorite cousins Laurie on the left (who am I kidding, they are all my favorites).
By the way, my mom and I did not plan to have twinsy swim suits.
 Reese loved playing life guard with my cousin Scott and his daughter, Kinsee.
Reese and Kinsee are both six and were joined at the hip for most of the weekend.
The other day of the reunion, we went to a place for more swimming
(did I mention it was hot?) and rock climbing.  That's Greer in the pink shirt
near the top of the wall.
 On Friday night, we went over to a wonderful little park in the town of
Ivins.  The coolest thing about the place, is the land used to be owned by
my grandfather-- and my dad and his brothers spent countless years of their lives there
cutting alfa alfa.  We pretty much pushed the ol' envelope and took
Keanut with us (since it was out in the open).
He was in heaven!
Here he is right after he climbed into someone's "Cars" camping chair.
The funny thing was, he wouldn't sit in it normally, he had to sit sideways
so he could look at Lightning McQueen.
So funny.
 They wrapped up that night with a fun family tradition...
the launching of candy out and over the kids
(plus a few surprise water balloons).
The kids were in heaven.
It was the best--- just what we needed to recharge the ol' batteries.
And Kean did amazingly well.
Can I just tell you how fun it was to get out of "Dodge"
and to get to take him along!?!?!?!