Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Good Life

Can I just tell you how good life is?
Kean seems healthy and happy-- he looks so good, I doubt if you didn't already know,
you'd never guess he had Cancer.
Chelsea Borup came over for three hours this morning.  We have a small budget
for additional therapy for Kean and we are hiring Chelsea and another gal home
from college- Lindsay Pennington to come over and do some extra work with the boy.
She took him to the park this morning (before it got busy) and got him to climb
stairs and go down slides.  He loved it, loved being healthy enough to get out a bit
 and about had the word slide mastered by the time he got home.
Added bonus for me-- Reese and I got some much needed grocery shopping done!
 My parents got home from their trip to Vegas and dropped the girls off.
They sure sound like they had the 'best of times'.
We celebrated a late Father's Day since Holland and Greer weren't with us on Sunday.
Our two cute eldest rode their bikes down to a little shop in Eagle,
signed up and paid to take a mini glass fusion class.
They made the coolest glass plaque that says DAD for Byron.
These are the gifts that mean more than any tie or shirt or....
So glad to have them home.