Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The End of an Era

Changes are starting to come fast and hard as we count
down the weeks to the end of Kean's Chemo.
Once that ends, he will start Kindergarten (school
actually starts next week but Kean won't start until mid-September).
And that means we will put a stop to all of Kean's home therapies.
Maureen, Andrea and Claire have been coming to our home
for years (Maureen since Kean was one- I think).
Today was Claire's last day coming to the house as his Speech Therapist.
 We love, love, love these ladies-- they have become part
of the family.  So today was quite the milestone.
Oh, we'll see her again.
Once Kean gets his "sea legs" with Kindergarten, we'll
likely start going to see them in their office
but it is still bittersweet.
 Kean also had horse therapy this afternoon.
I should say, Kean and his entourage.
Greer and Reese went with us-- and we were joined
by Clark and Laryn who have helped us
with his horse riding all summer.
You should have seen us today.
All Kean wanted to do was "trot, trot, trot"!