Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Spoiling Machines

I took Kean by the "Motorcycle Men's" office to give them 
their Christmas presents (and to get and give a few hugs).  Kean was totally into it--
showing off his newly acquired smooth walking skills.
Motorcycle Jeff (aka - the Spoiling Machine) had a present
of his own for the boy--
 one that was quite the hit-- and bound to be a favorite
for the next few years--
 a bonafide biker jacket just like the big boys wear!
 Fur lined to keep him toasty warm.
And can I tell you it fits perfectly and he has worn it a ton,
except when I get out my phone to take a picture of him in it--
then it is off in a flash.  Go figure.
Motorcycle Jeff's spoiling didn't stop there.
Look what he gave each of the girls.
Can't get any cooler, eh?
As if Kean isn't getting enough love,
look who came over tonight?
 Kean's buddy, Axe (Alex), also bearing a gift.
He got him a Matchbox racing track.
And, dang, I didn't capture his initial reaction the first time
the cars raced down the track-- Kean was tickled.
So you'll have to settle for this one-- let's just agree
that he will LOVE this toy!