Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, December 26, 2014

A New Baby for the Barkers!!!

Hold onto your shorts.
It's not what you think.
But we do have a new addition to the family--
and for all of you who know me as a city girl-- boy, are you
ever gonna be shocked.
But first,
we had a great, great Christmas.
 This year, we had a full house, or shall I say, a full
audience to watch the kids in all their giddiness.
My folks, Byron's mom and our beloved neighbors,
the Bodily's joined us Christmas morn.
The girls got all kinds of new bedding and decorations
for their rooms...
 Reese gave Byron some of her framed artwork
for his office...
 but hands down, my favorite gift was the one Grandpa Bodily opened.
We made him a book chronicling all the months he spent
riding his lawn mower to help Kean build up those legs and learn
to walk.  It was titled "Lawn Mower Therapy" (and it even
made him cry a tiny bit).
So worth it! 
It was a great day.
 Now onto our baby news.
Our cow Sadie finally decided to give birth today--
the day after Christmas.
I won't go into all of the gory details-- but I will say I came
pretty darn close to throwing up.
(It made me, for the first time, thankful it was me giving birth
and not my husband having to watch it when we had our children).
Sadie's birthing was well, to put it delicately, rather icky.
So if you have a wimpy stomach (much  like mine,
skip the picture below).
If you don't, look closely.  That is a little hoof
sticking out.
Thankfully, all went well, and this little guy-- yes, it is a boy
joined us. 
 We all watched in utter amazement as Sadie
instinctively turned into a mother before our eyes.
She softly mooed and washed her baby down with her tongue.
 And then little Rudy (Rudolph) got up and tried his darndest
to walk in front of us.
It took him several tries before he got the hang of it
but tonight, he's a walkin' drinkin' machine.
Ah, what experiences we are having!