Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, December 5, 2014

Men Are From Mars...

The weather was decent enough that guess who sneaked
in a horse therapy ride?
 We had sure missed dear old Romeo.
And this time Grandma Kay (Byron's mom) got to come along
and watch Kean show off his mad horse riding skills.
He's actually pretty good on the horse-- he's confident, has great
balance and really loves to trot.
Our little daredevil.
 The girls and I went down to our church congregation's
Christmas dinner and pageant this evening.
The place was decorated to resemble old Bethlehem
and it was truly stunning.
Holland ran the curtains for the play and Greer was in 
the children's choir.
I had to chuckle as we left.
I was shocked at how many of the men asked me where Byron
was... or why Byron wasn't with us.
Guess they've not noticed that in the past two years
only one of us is able to come to church or activities at a time--
one of us always has to stay home with Kean.
p.s.  Not a single woman asked me where he was.  They just told
me to tell him hello. Hmmmmm.