Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cupid Strikes

It was bound to happen...
you know, Kean being Mister Handsome and all.
He met the one.
A sweet little lass named Lucy.
And we have to admit, she couldn't be any cuter.
 I can't say we saw fireworks but we did
see something we've never seen before--
Kean smitten and wanting to hug on or kiss on
Miss Lucy just about every time he saw her at
Camp Rainbow Gold's Winter Retreat.
 I'll shut my yap and just let the pictures tell the story.

And yes,, we exchanged numbers so we can get the families together.
Added bonus, Lucy has a big brother (actually her uncle who lives with them)
who has Down's syndrome and who just finished his Chemotherapy.
Lot's to smile about.