Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Guilt Erased

I went to bed last night, covered in a blanket of "Mommy Guilt".
An overly tired and not feeling so great Reese tearfully told
me she was the only kid in her class that didn't have a parent
at school for yesterday's holiday party.
But you know what?
Something happened today-- to make me feel a heck of a whole
lot better and to realize while my girls may be missing out on
certain things-- they are having many, many more amazing 
experiences because of Kean's cancer.
Case in point:  a fellow member of the "cancer club", my
mom's neighbor Janice (and her mom Crickett) came over 
today.  We have all fallen in love with our dear Janice and
her husband and mother.
Janice, if you will remember, is a walking miracle.
Both St. Luke's and St. Alphonsus hospitals here
told her there was nothing further they could do to treat her cancer
and that was a few years ago.
Just last month, she had what we hope to be the first of many "clean"
(cancer free) scans!
 Janice came over today bearing more gifts than I think
Santa has in his workshop.
 Even "Chemo Kean" perked right up at the site of--
count 'em - not one, not two, but three motorcycles
and a little horse!
 There where so many fun things--- from these play
microphones (that inspired an impromptu Christmas Carol concert)...
 to a red nose that flashes.
 I really question whether Santa even needs to come now--
the kids were so spoiled.
Thank you Janice for all the fun surprises
and for still being here with us!!!!!!