Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Third Boob

How's that for a headline?
But for once, you can really, really see Kean's port
(what we call his 3rd boob).
We were at the hospital for half the day for heavy chemo
(in his brain and spine--yuk).
But it went surprisingly smooth. 
Grandma Kay (Byron's mom) and my good friend Jeanie
Stidham were our Chemo dates for the day.
 And we had the easiest time ever getting Kean's port
accessed and getting the blood to flow.
(Tender mercies).
 Kean surprised us all with his vitals.
He's grown taller and gained just slightly over a pound.
His counts were even high-- a little too high-- so two of his
main drugs were upped (he's taking a higher amount).
That hasn't happened very often over the past 2 1/2 years.
 We had quite the "reunion" day.
First, we ran into two of the families we had just spent several
days with last week at Camp Rainbow Gold's Winter Retreat.
Then, Jason, one of the heads of Camp and the guy we lovingly
refer to as the Pied Piper (my kids adore him as do all children)
stopped in.
And finally, we had our favorite Respiratory Therapist,
Sabrina assigned to us today.
Her brother Joe (who we got to see today too) was
one of Kean's most beloved nurses when he was so sick
for all those months.
 The drug they use to put Kean under for his procedures
is supposed to wear off after fifteen minutes.
It took Kean a good hour to come out of it today.
I look at it as he got a much needed nap.  Too bad I couldn't join him!
He's doing pretty good tonight considering all the gunk he got
poured into his body.
We had a quiet evening at home.  Bryon, Grandma Kay and Holland 
all went out to dinner and Christmas shopping.
And Reese and Greer?  They
went with the Bodily's to a nursing home where the girls
played the elves to the Bodily's Mr. and Mrs. Claus.
The girls sang Christmas Carols and passed out--
get this, 180 candy canes.