Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Move Over Diane Sawyer

It looks like
we have a little girl following in her Mama's footsteps.
Reese's teacher sent me this mini newscast today.
She had to research and write her on set report.
She's our shy child-- and will likely be mortified that I posted this.
Gotta especially love how she spelled Channel 12.
(I worked for Channel 12 in Phoenix).
Kean's buddy, Alex (Axe) came over to hang out for a bit.
You should have seen our boy's face brighten right on up.
 It's cold and rainy outside again-- so they mostly watched
Kean's latest obsession-- that old movie Spirit.
Between Tangled and Spirit, Kean is totally taken with the
Good thing Spirit was Alex's favorite movie when he was a young kid.
These two are gonna be fast friends.