Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Night Before the Big One

Ahhh, hyperness reigns at our house.
Luckily, we had plenty to keep the girls busy and hopefully 
wear them all out.
Tonight was our traditional family Christmas Eve party--
where we feast on all hors d'oeuvres and desserts.
 We also attempt to re-enact the Christmas story from the Bible.
Attempt being the important word here.
My mom always tells the story...
 and this year, my niece Morgan was Joseph,
while Holland got to be Mary.
Byron (as always) serves as the donkey.
Notice I used the word donkey instead of that
other, more colorful one that is also found in the Bible!
 I think this will likely be our last year using Kean as
Baby Jesus. He's not the most cooperative.
That's his foot sticking up in the air.
 We were a bit short when it comes to covering all the cast, so Reese
wanted to be a sheep.  She got one of her dolls to fill in
as a shepherd.
 Katie was the perfect angel...
 while Lindsey, Greer and a teddy bear filled in for the 
Three Wise men.
 It's not ever a very spiritual re-enactment.
Hopefully, the Lord has a good sense of humor.
We always follow up the pageant with some music.
Greer played The First Noel,
and then the three girls sang for us.
 Finally, we capped off the evening with the opening of
the Christmas pajamas from Grammy.
The picture seems funny without my nephew Derek who
just left to serve a mission for our church.
So we've cleaned up, watched Tangled with Kean, played the games Uncle Marc and Aunt
Rachel sent us for Christmas from Texas and have tucked
all the children in bed.
Hoping they run out of gas before mom and dad!
Merry Christmas everyone!!!